Back At It

Well, so much for blogging every week, right?

I decided to not do my blog over lent. And it’s over now! I think this’ll be a good vent for me as well as working on my writing skills. Plus, I can start building the habit for when I go to KAMS; I want to have a documentation, of sorts, of my experiences.

Back in the Web

You know how they always say you shouldn’t shelter children from the world or else they will become obsessed with all the things they never knew about? Well, they were right!

After 40+ days of not having social media, I experienced this first hand. Once I got the sites back, I was hooked, I couldn’t stop for two days. I’m over it now, luckily. I realized that I just needed to get back to putting time aside for God, because I was spending waaay to much time into posting useless content.

I feel that the best way to balance Jesus-time and social media is to limit my media use and also to have more Christian content on my media sites.


Okey dokey, that’s all for today.

Peace and Love,



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